Only Gac Fruit Limited


"I have been taking Gac extract for over 3 months. I take 1-2 capsules a day and have noticed a distinct change in my skin, nails and hair. My skin, which has a thin papery appearance now looks and feels more healthy and normal. My nails are thicker and less prone to breaking and splitting. My hair has grown thicker and is in better condition, an improvement conformed by my hairdresser and commented on by friends. As a fruit extract I have not noticed any unpleasant reaction to the product and would recommend it to anyone wishing to achieve these benefits."
Jenny P, Hampshire


"I have just finished my first month’s supply of Gac and I can already see the results. My hair looks and feels thicker and has stopped falling out as much. I have tried every shampoo, lotion, creams and pills out there and have spent a huge amount of money to make my hair grow again but no avail. For reasons that are unknown my hair stopped growing and started to fall out and Gac is the first product that has genuinely worked. Even my hairdresser noticed a difference. I cannot recommend this product highly enough."
Donna F, Hertfordshire


"I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Gac. Since I have been taking it my psoriasis has cleared on my arms better than ever before, giving me a new confidence in wearing short sleeves and showing my arms in public." 
Lyn P, Wales


"Just a quick note to say that I am very pleased with the Gac Oil capsules which have caused a noticeable improvement in the general sorry condition of my hair. I could not swear to any similar change in my nails. I am conscious of a slight improvement in general vitality which I attribute to the detoxifying properties. So, overall a great success. Many thanks once again."

Tim H, London


"Delighted with this product. So rich in natural antioxidants. Since taking the Gac capsules, which are small and therefore easily swallowed, I have noticed a real improvement to my skin's texture and suppleness. My once dull hair has taken on a shine and I have not known my nails to grow so fast. Seems a lot of goodness packed into one small capsule!"
Sue A, London


"I am really pleased with these capsules. They've had a hugely positive impact on the clarity of my complexion and the thickness of my hair. I've got the whole family taking them."
Alexander P, Berkshire


"I noticed that my nails were growing quicker but it wasn't until I bumped into my friend who I hadn't seen in a month and he asked me what I'd done to my hair - that was when I realised just how much of a difference it was making."
Ross L, Edinburgh


"I started taking the Gac capsules many months ago and within two weeks, my skin, hair and nails were showing an improvement in their condition. Several friends commented on my hair first, saying how it looked more shiny than it had in the past, and in good condition, questioning if I was using a new hair conditioner!  I noticed the difference in my facial skin, which is normally dry, it too had more condition and moisture to it. That means the wrinkles are less obvious, an obvious benefit!  My nails are stronger now, less likely to break; these three difference I attribute to taking Gac capsules daily. Thank you for bringing this fruit, and it’s fabulous qualities, to my attention."
A happy customer from Hampshire


"Having suffered with Psoriasis for most of my adult life, these Gac capsules have completely transformed my skin. It's never been so soft and smooth. Thank you Gac!"
John, Wiltshire