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Gac Fruit Oil Capsules available in the UK and elsewhere from Only Gac Fruit.

The magic of coincidence

Having spent more than 15 years in Asia (most recently, six in Vietnam), setting up a UK-based business to import and distribute Gac fruit oil capsules was the last thing on Charles and Gilly's minds. But for a couple who’d always been interested in Far Eastern techniques to balance body and mind, fate played them a lucky hand.

While on a massage course in Hanoi, Gilly was discussing the possible link between the colour of healthy food and its nutritional value with a friend. Her friend asked if she’d heard about the Gac fruit, known locally as ‘Fruit from Heaven’.

Hearing about its amazing qualities piqued Gilly’s interest. Around the same day (and we like to think at the exact same time), while at a colleague’s traditional Vietnamese wedding feast, Charles asked why the sticky rice was a vibrant red. It was due to Gac fruit oil – revered for generations of Vietnamese for its health-giving properties and deep red colour, which symbolises good luck and long life.

Later that evening, the penny dropped. Gilly’s ‘Fruit from Heaven’ and Charles’ red sticky rice were one and the same thing. Intrigued, they dug deeper. Buoyed by scientific research highlighting this wonder fruit’s numerous health benefits, they began taking Gac fruit oil capsules. Within weeks, they noticed improved complexions, stronger, thicker hair and nails, and an overall boost to their general wellbeing.

After sharing their discovery with family and friends, they soon couldn’t keep up with demand. There was only one answer. Only was born. By accident or design? You decide.


A family business that’s a family in business

Having spent our lives (or most of them) living in each other’s pockets so to speak, we know each other pretty well. We run our business the same way. In other words, the head knows what the arms, legs and little toe is doing. You won’t get passed around, from pillar to post or left in the bottom of someone’s in-tray while they go on holiday.

We understand business. Before setting us this enterprise Charles led a major multinational company. As well as trade, he understands the value of good service, Their two daughters have also lived and worked in Vietnam and are equally committed to spreading the word about Gac.

We’re committed. As a family business there’s a lot at stake. So we’re really keen to provide the best service we can. That means looking after you personally, going the extra mile, trying that bit harder. After all, it’s our family reputation on the line here.

We’re flexible. We’re not big and burly. It doesn’t take an age to turn the oil tanker. We’re nimble and bendy, so we can we can be more flexible in the way we do things to fit your needs. It’s about making sure everyone benefits. You, our customers (and us, of course).